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Stone Mantel...where meaningful brand and customer experiences drive innovation and success.

Stone Mantel is an insights consultancy that creates hand-crafted business strategies, tactics, and innovations that deliver meaningful experiences to customers. The Mantel MethodSM helps you discover new opportunities, define the requirements for success, demonstrate the value created, and act as an organization to execute.

Through Stone Mantel’s strategic insights and customer experience program tools, thousands of consumers nationwide have enjoyed greater satisfaction and increased loyalty to industry leaders and prime destinations, including: Anchorage, AK, Deluxe Corporation, Novo Nordisk, Royal Caribbean International, SunTrust Bank, The Smithsonian Institute, and Wachovia/Wells Fargo.

Whether faced with major industry changes, operational challenges, communications issues or brand stagnation, organizations turn to Stone Mantel’s solutions for breakthrough information and business results. We bring the best thought leadership in the world to meaningful experiences, brand authenticity, and co-customization—whether your solution is physical, digital, or both.

It’s our unique methodologies, proven track record and thought leadership that enable organizations to overcome their greatest challenges and biggest questions—to turn the seemingly impossible into ammunition for great insight and success.


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